Exploring the World Around Us “A Chimi Farm Adventure”

Our little explorers had a blast embarking on an exciting journey to Chimi Farm last Friday, marking the perfect culmination of our month-long exploration of the IEYC theme for November, “The World Around Us.” Through a series of hands-on activities, our young learners immersed themselves in the wonders of nature, fostering a deeper understanding of their surroundings.
Highlights of the Day:
Potato Digging: We delved into the fields, unearthing fresh potatoes. The kids reveled in their harvest, gaining insights into the process of growing potatoes and the importance of agriculture.

Animal Feeding: We encountered various friendly animals, including fish, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, and ostrich, and the kids eagerly fed them their favorite treats. They learned about animal care and the role animals play in our lives.

Turnip Pulling: We pulled out plump turnips from the fields, experiencing the satisfaction of harvesting these nutritious vegetables. The kids gained an appreciation for the hard work that goes into growing our food and the importance of sustainable practices.

Grape Picking: We embarked on a delightful grape-picking adventure, filling our baskets with sweet and juicy grapes. The kids savored the fresh taste of nature’s bounty and learned about growing grapes and the value of patience and care in agriculture.

Healthy Snack: We enjoyed a fresh and healthy snack of the grapes we picked, appreciating the fruits of our labor and the goodness of nature’s gifts. We also had cupcakes and yogurt we brought from school.

Play Park Fun: We concluded our Chimi Farm adventure with some playtime at the park, where the kids burned off energy, engaged in social interactions, and cultivated a sense of community.

A Day of Discovery and Growth
Our Chimi Farm field trip perfectly aligned with the IEYC theme of “The World Around Us,” providing a stimulating environment for our young learners to explore and discover. Through these hands-on activities, the kids developed a deeper appreciation for nature, cultivated an understanding of food production, and strengthened their bond with the environment. We hope they cherish these experiences and continue to grow in their knowledge of the world around them.

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