School Life


Horizon International Kids Academy is easily accessible via public transportation or private means of transportation due to its central location. We also offer transportation by reliable comfortable school buses with a mobile app for parents which even reaches the remotest areas of the city. Each school bus has a qualified and truTsted bus monitor working closely with the school. The bus companies are certified by the government, and the staff operates in accordance with safety and security policies set by Horizon

Homemade Meals in Kids Academy

In Kids Academy mealtimes are seen as an important social occasion. Children have meals with their teachers who gently encourage independence, model expected behaviors and encourages communication and conversation.

Foods are freshly prepared daily on-site. Our chef creates menus which are healthy and well balanced. Meals meet nutritional needs and personal preferences. We share weekly menu with our parents every Friday of the week. Parents and children are free to choose the food they like which always has more than one option in every mealtime

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