Frequently asked questions
My child is new to preschool; can I stay to help transition him/her during this new experience?
Of course! Sometimes a new environment can be scary. Each child has a different way of dealing with separation. A parent is welcome to stay and make this a positive experience for everyone.
My child is feeling sick and I’m going to keep him/her home, do I have to notify someone?
If your child is unable to participate in the program due to illness, parents are asked to keep children at home. An illness policy is in place to maintain the health and safety of all children. If you expect your child to be absent for two or more consecutive classes please notify your instructor.
Does my child have to be toilet trained?
Yes, all children entering preschool are expected to be toilet trained before the first day of class.
How will I know what is going on in class?
Daily activity photos and class schedules are posted on Class dojo every day. It’s a good communication tool to inform parents about upcoming events, monthly themes and classroom updates. Also, you can get daily feedback about your child’s classroom through ClassDojo.
My child is a lazy eater, will you feed him/her?
No. We do not feed children. We assist them to eat, and provide motivation and praise for them to do so independently. This has been scientifically proven to be the best method. Furthermore, in a setting like ours, where all children eat together, it quickly becomes a habit to eat with others, and you may soon notice your child’s eating habit change.
What if my child has allergies or food restrictions?
All situations involving food must be explained in detail upon enrollment. We have the ability to alter meals based on allergies. For those who do not consume certain food for whatever reason, we have options as well and these will be discussed on a case by case scenario during enrollment.
Can my child bring things to school?
No. Most often bringing toys from home causes difficulty for the teachers, and creates jealousy among classmates.

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