Children at Horizon International Kids Academy learn about Tet culture

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, in harmony with the bustling atmosphere of celebrating Tet on every street, in every family across the country of Vietnam, teachers and children at Horizon International Kids Academy are also busy preparing to welcome a happy and peaceful Tet holiday.

Before the kick-off of Tet Fair 2020, children take pleasure in exploring the Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday and the New Year celebrations of foreign countries. They are able to learn more about Tet and the long-held custom of ancestor worship thanks to the incorporation of different subjects like Vietnamese Studies, Art, Math, Science, etc.

In addition to acquiring further understanding of the fine Tet culture of Vietnam, children at Horizon International Kids Academy have an opportunity to put what they learned into practice via a series of events prior to the Tet Fair such as making Chung cakes, decorating classrooms, creating handmade products, arranging the five-fruit tray, writing calligraphy, drawing pictures of New Year celebrations around the world, and extending wishes to their forefathers and teachers.

More importantly, through those activities, children were taught to understand the value of traditional culture and develop a sense of national pride, internationalism and innovative thinking. Children are also encouraged to be able to express their love for parents, friends and the people around them.

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